Who is a writer?

A writer practices writing on various platforms such as blog posts, articles, and or books by using different techniques. They commit their thoughts to well-articulated write-ups in various fields. Different writers can have different clients in need of their skills. Writers could have one client who regularly gives them jobs or various clients who give single jobs regularly. They are free to choose how and which articles to write on i.e. I could be exceptionally good in writing articles about money markets and choose to constantly stick to that field. Another one with the same money skills may want to venture into another field and perfect his writing

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Basis of being a good writer

Have a good grasp of the audience language such as English

Be an excellent researcher in the field required. They look into various research papers and books

Be a good analyst. They can mine data within data and get accurate information

Be an excellent and fast typists

Types of Writers

There are so many categories such as ;

Copywriters pitch creative campaigns to the audience

Play wright who write stage plays

Authors and novel writers who write both fictional and non-fictional stories also called novels

Poets who aim to achieve an emotional effect through poems

Short Story writers who write short stories

Writing is a fairly large and multi-faceted industry due to the increased demand. Most within the industry are self-employed and flexible in time. The increased use of the internet has revolutionized the communications industry. It has undoubtedly grown to twice as much. The industry’s growth has seen an increase in the number of freelancers. The ripple effect of this is the bar has been set too high thus encouraging healthy and much-needed competition

Qualifications for writing jobs

This is one of the fields where most employers are not interested in your academic qualifications. You need to show that you can produce quality articles as per your client’s instructions. Most will ask for previous samples or a portfolio of your work

However, getting an education is still key. Having a minimum of a high school certificate with good grades is a good start. Having a diploma or a degree is much better

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How to get writing jobs

As with any writing job it is important to build your portfolio. This is what is considered an interview by most prospective clients. The majority of writing jobs can be found online free of charge or at a small fee. There are very many freelance writing platforms globally that can be trusted to be honest. Before investing your time and effort in any, kindly look at the reviews and make a well-informed decision

As a writer, both new and experienced, practicing your skills online is the way forward due to the digitization of the industry. You need to identify your niche and practice as much as you possibly can. This field is very competitive, to stand out your need to be a good researcher, a good analyst, a good communicator, and a good typist. With the right online platforms, your writing career is going to be a rewarding one


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