5 Real-Life Lessons about Ways to Make Money Online

5 Real-Life Lessons about Ways to Make Money Online

As Covid-19 ravaged the planet in 2020, it redefined how we make money. A lot of people
lost formal employment and steady jobs. However, as with every dark cloud, this also had its
silver lining. With numerous countries locking down, most human interactions went online.
Therefore, we had to adapt to make money online too. Allow me to share these five real-life
lessons about making money online, which I learned in 2020, with you. Kindly note that
there are many ways to make money online, but these five are tested and proven.

  1. Sales and e-commerce.
    Commerce is the driver of any economy. The sale of goods and services is the foundation of
    making money. With stores closed, many businesses went online. The best thing about
    selling online is the fact that one is not limited. You can venture into e-commerce whether or
    not you have a physical business. All you need are goods or services and clients. If you do
    have a business, this can be another way to reach a bigger market.
    To make it in this field, one has to find a niche market, sell unique and quality products, and
    ensure customer satisfaction. It is a business driven by consumer feedback, and ratings are
    critical. You can create a website, use existing e-commerce platforms that allow third-party
    sellers, or connect directly to your customers via social media platforms. Another thing to
    factor in is your delivery system. Although at this time and age, delivery options are so many.
    Just make sure that they are reliable and treat customer packages with care.
  2. Advertising
    Data is king. Information is power. These statements and many more of the same kind
    underline the value attached to conveying information. The incredible thing about it is how
    much companies, businesses, and persons are willing to pay for advertisements. Major
    technology outfits run on revenues derived from ads, as they are commonly known. You may
    not own a billboard or a city bench, but with the internet, having access to hundreds if not
    thousands of people is worth more. You can turn any online platform into a moneymaker by
    allowing paid adverts to run.
    The secret with advertising lies in reaching the advertiser’s target audience and generating
    income for them. Say you create a website or use social media to reach your audiences. The
    main reason those people are there is to consume whatever content you have for them. If it is
    a video you have posted, they are there to see the video. Not the advert. So you have to find a
    way to make the ad relevant to your online audience without deterring them from the main
    reason they came to your page. Another mistake people make is jamming ads down their
    viewers’ and followers’ throats. Be convincing, yet subtle, and you shall be cashing those
    checks pretty soon.
  3. Writing
    Writing on its own has been a considerable part of the online earning world. It couldn’t miss
    a place in my five real-life lessons about ways to make money online list. Writing jobs are
    pretty easy to come by. They require one to be perfect in their language and communication

skills, be creative, and most importantly, meet deadlines. Many websites connect online
writers with potential clients. One may also market themselves individually and approach
clients directly.
Online writing varies widely. From transcribing to translating, ghost-writing, copywriting,
academic writing, content writing for blogs and websites, article writing to book
contributions, and proof-editing, there is so much one can do. However, to make it in online
writing, one must find a constant flow of work. Without this, the money shall remain elusive.
Whether you are working for a corporation or an individual, and whether you are working via
an established platform or contacting clients directly, only a constant workflow will bring you
value. Writing is time-consuming and requires research and analytical skills. To avoid
wasting energy and time, ensure that it shall bring you returns if you decide to write. Clients
are generally keen on deadlines and quality. Perfect these, and you’ll be on your way to
financial freedom.

  1. Freelancing
    Are you skilled in something? Then perhaps it is time you make some money online through
    freelancing. As a freelancer, you work for yourself. You practice your trade, craft, or
    profession on your terms while connecting with your clients online. It could be the same
    thing that you are employed to do as your day job. You can freelance in your free time.
    Freelancing offers you the freedom to showcase your expertise without being under the
    shadow of an employer. You set your own time, decide your projects and negotiate your
    preferred value in payment.
    The beauty in freelancing is freedom. However, no freelancer makes it in a day. So don’t quit
    your day job and go head-on into freelancing. It is unstable. The reputation of the freelancer
    can mitigate its volatility. Clients actively seek out a freelancer who has made a name. One
    must, therefore, create a significant pool of clients before venturing into it wholly. There is
    room for growth as most small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly reliant on good
    freelancers. It would be best if you watched your specific industry. Remember, being a
    freelancer doesn’t exempt you from industry ethics and standards.
  2. Vlogging and blogging
    Vlogs and Blogs are a more fun way of making money online. This is because they are based
    on sharing your hobbies and interests with the rest of the world. Writing a blog or running a
    vlog is a way of attracting viewers. You create an audience and become an authoritative
    speaker on the subject. The real money, however, comes in when you pair the blog/vlog with
    advertisements. Your job as a blogger/vlogger is to keep your audience interested in your
    content. In some instances, even without advertising, one can make money through sponsors
    who contribute financially or become an authority on the subject matter to the extent that
    your blog/vlog opens up doors to speaking engagements, consultations, lectures, or written
    works. These instances are usually limited to the blogs/vlogs covering rather serious topics.
    With vlogging/blogging, I have come to learn that consistency is the key. Having a consistent
    theme is the most important thing. If yours is a travel vlog or a legal blog, whether it is a

marketing blog or political vlog, keep it that way. Consistency allows you to build up a loyal
fan base. If you keep shifting your interests, your audience shall become confused and be
there for viewing only. With any online venture, the key is a solid base of supporters and
followers. It doesn’t matter how good your content is (and it must be top-notch content to
bring you any money). If your audience is not locked, it won’t materialize into profits for
Final tips
With these five real-life lessons about ways to make money online, you are well on your
way to becoming part of the online earning community. However, remember that it takes
time to build your reputation online, and riches won’t fall into your lap overnight. Also, it
would be best if you were cautious of scammers and other online dangers. Maintain your
online security and verify a client’s ability to pay before undertaking their work, especially if
you contact them directly. Finally, remember that the internet is a vast pool of persons who
can do the same thing you do, perhaps even better. So be better.


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